Pompeius Magnus - now out

For discussion of science fiction and alternate history books and series like Empire's Corps and Ark Royal.
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Pompeius Magnus - now out

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For fans of the Ark Royal series and such works:

Pompeius Magnus cover v2.jpeg
Pompeius Magnus cover v2.jpeg (89.31 KiB) Viewed 1346 times
The secessionist light cruiser Pompeius Magnus is the last survivor of her squadron – torn to pieces in a disastrous strike on their oppressors’ home system. Her primary weapons are gone, her engines are wrecked, life-support is on tertiary backup, and more than half her crew are dead.

Commander Delaney is a lifelong pilot, a veteran who has repeatedly refused promotion so as to stay in the fight. Lieutenant Shan is an activist turned wartime spacer motivated by a fanatic’s fire.

Orders are orders. It doesn’t matter that Earth’s defenses have been designed to stop fleets, let alone single ships – let alone crippled ones.

They’re going in anyway.

And they will change history.

“This story is a smash-mouth bar brawl from beginning to end with characters who struggle to rationalize their humanity in the face of utter, merciless, brutality. They are a crew with a single-minded objective, torn between doing what is right, and what must be done. A crew who wrestle with the fate of their immortal souls and the survival of their people. It is a must-read for anyone who appreciates a dark, gritty tale centered around the morality—and immorality—of man.”
Colonel Shane Gries, author of From The Ashes of a Dead World

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