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On Writing Process...

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:04 pm
by cwlind
Greetings! I was wondering what kind of process you have for writing your different series. I enjoy both fantasy and Sci-fi, got introduced to your writing via Learning Experience, then Ark. Tried SIM and stopped around book 2 or 3. Enough background..

I noticed while enjoying Ark Royal that each book is laid out almost the same: 40-ish chapters, each audiobook coming in between 13 to 14 hours, so each chapter is almost 20 minutes each. Not average, but each! I'm NOT saying the writing is formulaic, but the process certainly seems to be. If you've already discussed your writing process elsewhere, please point me to it :) (or does this have nothing to do with your process and is somehow an Audible thing?)