NBA 2K23 - MyWNBA and MyNBA add-ons

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NBA 2K23 - MyWNBA and MyNBA add-ons

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As you can imagine, most of our time this year has been spent on NBA 2k23 mt MyNBA Eras, but we've also found time to make some improvements to the core franchise games you enjoy each year. Here's a quick summary of some of the new features and updates we've made.

Updated WNBA playoff brackets - Previously, the WNBA used four-round brackets for eight teams, giving two write-ups to the top two seeds, and one to the third and fourth seeds. It looks great, but it's a little complicated to perform. To match the real-life WNBA, we now use the more standard three-round single-elimination tournament, with the old system available as a rule change for all leagues.

WNBA Commissioner's Cup - Just like the real WNBA, we now have the Commissioner's Cup! Basically, each team's first game against another team counts toward a special leaderboard. At the end of the season, the top two teams will battle it out in a special exhibition game.

Improved team rivalry - When teams clash on the field, we now have a deeper system for calculating the "heat index" between two teams. This looks at a number of factors, such as their history, competitive status, etc., to help reflect how players play. Games with a high heat index will lead to more intense and aggressive games between the two teams. For example, we know we want the bad boy Pistons to really feel like they're enforcing the "Jordan Rule" against the Bulls. As a result, expect tougher games than usual when Isiah and MJ are matched up against each other, and the system will be extended to any other intense competition in all eras.

Improved calendar menu - We've expanded the calendar and added key information (such as team chemistry) that existed a few years ago but was recently lost. As the primary hub for your team and launch games, making this landing more comfortable and easy to use is our top priority.

East-West Finals MVP -- Since this is a new award for 2022, we've added it to the modern era. You'll see these awards announced before the NBA Finals begin.

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